Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Surviving Dreams

November 2, 2010_Tuesday_11:15pm

 I always tell to myself that I never failed.I can climb alone.As I said: Maybe yesterday is a disaster but tomorrow is for survival. Today, there many things comes up unexpectedly.There are heartaches, broken relationships, new friendships and the most thing I ever had is a scholarship.I thought I will never get this.The door was closed once again but I never give up.I opened it all by myself. Now I am fixing things really smoothly until I reach the end of the line.I just want to prove to other people who are discouraging me in many actions I did that I can do it. I want to thank those people who challenge me by their discouragements because it give me strength to go on.Yes, I am not the best but I will give my best as I can.This  is a huge opportunity that I ever had.I will take the risk just to have this. There was once told me that: I will do my part and let GOD do the rest of it.That's why I keep holding on even I feel tired of it. I hope this blog that I wrote gives you lessons to learn on how to survive dreams that you want to reach.Until then...

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